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This Fairy Tale
I blame Disney.
Fairy tales don't exist in real life, but Disney has spoon-fed me magical stories of romance and - well, romance. Disney princesses have pretty much molded me to look forward to nothing but romance. It sucks thinking this way, mostly because, at the same time, I know there's not really a fairy godmother to wave a wand and whisk me away to the ball. I know I'm not going to end up in a castle and develop Stockholm syndrome on a prince turned monster. I know I'm not a mermaid, and I know mom isn't a mermaid either. Not that I could follow these paths, anyway, because I'm Asian. But I can't save my motherland from barbarians, mostly because this is America and we don't get Mongolian invaders.
So I don't want to believe in fairy tales.
But I do anyway.
One particular side-plot-story-type-fairy-tale that particularly bugs me is the best-friend-romance. If the guy and the girl didn't start out as best friends, they will become so. Tension will increase (exponentially) througho
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Angel Palmer
The daily schedule of Angel Palmer:
Wake up. Get son ready for school. Cook. Eat. Send son off to school. Check mail. Read news. Cook. Eat. Read more news. Wait for bus to deliver son from school. Cook. Eat. Play with son. Get son ready for bed. Give up hope. Sleep.
Today, instead of the radio commercial that would unfailingly play every morning at six, it was little Peter who woke her up.
"Mom mom mom I want to make a cake! Mom mom wake up mom can we make a cake for breakfast? Mom mom mom! Don't roll over mom take that pillow off your head mom! Mooooooooooom-"
Picked Peter up, set Peter on the floor. Rubbed eyes, walked to the bathroom. Brushed teeth, washed face. Washed Peter's face. Pulled yellow shirt over Peter's head. Made pancakes, a compromise to Peter's suggestion. Fed Peter pancakes. Checked Peter's backpack, double checked Peter's backpack. Waved to Peter from front door as bus pulled up. Watched Peter's bus round the corner.
Walked to mailbox. Opened mailbox.
Walked back in
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ooh mistah spah :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 10 17 Nightlife Wallpaper :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 0 0
the little things
I look at the little things in life. I guess I should be paying more attention to the big picture, but I'm not much for looking too far into the future. Makes me nauseous.
I guess I should explain. No, I don't get premonitions or anything like that. I don't "just feel" things are going to happen. I don't predict. I know. The history of the world, the universe, it's just all an open book for me. Except for the nausea. Generally, you don't feel like you're going to toss your cookies after you've read a book. The farther away from the present I look, the worse it is. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't. It's not something you'd necessarily want to use, let me tell you. But even without looking into the future, nothing comes as a surprise anymore.
Well…for the most part.
I know what the big picture is. I guess I concentrate on the little things to counter that.
The little things in life aren't something that you get to pay attention to when you're looking ahead or behind. So I like
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do the wave :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 0 0 hello? can you hear me? :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 2 0 The Central Park Duck :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 2 1 ARARARARA UPGRADES :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 1 0
I will not be Daisy Buchanan.
"I will not be Daisy Buchanan."
This is what I thought to myself one day. Thinking of it one way, it's rather obvious. Think about it sensibly - would you put yourself in her shoes? I wouldn't want to be a "golden girl", coveted by many, eventually to marry one of those suitors that would eventually cheat anyway. But more importantly, I don't want to be placed in such a position where I have to choose - and mostly, I don't want to kill a body and let someone else take the blame.
This is how the story of Daisy Buchanan goes: she goes around with men, then she lets herself go a little too far with one, he leaves, she gets impatient, she marries another, and then the first returns to fight against her husband. And then, to cover up an accident, she lets the blame fall to her lover, and he dies.
I will not be Daisy Buchanan.
I don't want to be a storybook character. I find it all too easy to compare parts of everyday life to one story or another - but I don't want to be compared to anyone
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what is this I don't even :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 1 0 PROBLEM SLEUTH DESKTOP :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 14 3 life goes on :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 0 3
And in the moonlight, under the lamps they ran,
Through the parking lots and jumping over vans,
And in the moonlight, that's where their story began,
'cause in the moonlight, no one can tell what you plan
In the twilight, they watched the setting sun,
Winding down from a day of fun,
And then she got up and she started to run,
And when he caught up, he asked her why she had begun
And she told him, "I'm tired of being outdone,
And I don't want to stay where we can't get anything done,
And so I'm running away, before I come undone,
Running from the nothing we had and to the something we won"
And while the moon rose up from her bed of trees,
They stopped for a breath and stood among fallen leaves,
And watched the moon, and then, with the breeze,
He turned to her and fell on his knees
And in the moonlight, he told her he wanted to stay,
He didn't want to leave and miss out on the play,
But he was glad at least she was here today,
So anything she'd ask, he would strive to obey
And she told h
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Hey You
The boy looked around.
"Hey you."
"Yes?" he asked of the girl next to him.
"C'mere," she said, gesturing with her hand for him to move closer.
He scooted over. "What?"
"C'mere," she insisted, pointing to the open sketchbook in her lap. He looked obediently. It was blank.
"What about it?" he inquired politely. She winked and beckoned him with one finger. He turned his head so she could whisper.
"Okay, see this?"
"Do you know what this is?"
"No, it's a distraction."
She kissed his cheek and whispered "I love you!"; snapped the sketchbook closed and began to walk away.
Dazed, the boy was frozen in his place. Then he jumped up and caught up with the girl and spun her around. She nearly fell over in her surprise.
"What's the big idea?" she asked innocently.
"Did you mean it?" he demanded.
She glanced away shyly. "Well…yes."
And he smiled.
"I love you too."
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Eighth Note :iconthe7thloonatic:The7thLoonatic 2 1
-does the worm-


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Lookit all the stuff it's AWESOME.




United States
What do you mean, that's not my face?

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For those cynics who insist on ruining the spirit for everyone, happy February 14th!
For those who feel alone and think that calling it "Singles Awareness Day" makes it better (it just makes people more aware of your singleness, I don't understand the logic here, oh well), happy Singles Awareness Day!
For those who just want to celebrate Valentine's Day as it is, happy Valentine's Day!

I am now aware that there are 1) single people, 2) singles in my wallet*, 3) single slices of cheese.

*JUST KIDDING I used my two singles for lunch money today.

Got a flower from Kyle!
He bought it with Maddie's money. :P
I am very happy with Kyle though, so don't go thinking I'm not.

I got Kyle a set of dice and got myself a matching set. Yeah!
Also, I gave him a little bag full of Hershey's kisses. Yeah!

I feel generic. (-shrug-)

I'm tired, it's really warm outside (we just had a blizzard, what is this), I haven't done my homework, we have to build an intricate set for the musical, and I'm working on so many projects it is ridiculous how many things I want to do.


System.out.println("But anyway, I think I'll go do my stats homework.");
System.out.println("And my essay and all my projects and all that fun stuff.");
System.out.println("And buy a spring and figure out things with Abby and see what I have to do about Julia and all that fun stuff...there's too much of this fun stuff...");

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